Client Centered Sales Training

"Increase revenue without increasing ad spend"

Understanding Individual Needs

We understand at CCST that each and every one of our clients have needs for their company that will be different than others. We spend the time in the beginning of our relationship to assess those needs and make sure they are addressed before moving on with our programs.

Increased Conversion Rate

At CCST, we do not just use a "mass hit" approach. Some people say that sales is a numbers game. The mindset of some in sales is that the more people you speak with the more sales you will get. One of of core beliefs at CCST is to increase conversions without increasing ad spend. How would you like to make more money, get more customers and get a higher lifetime value from the leads you are speaking with now? That is one of our main focuses at CCST.

Script Development

We have a process that works regardless of industry. We have a proprietary approach to inbound phone sales. We will meet with you to define certain benefits of working with your company and design a script that will increase conversions, reduce refunds and complaints and build your company a higher lifetime value.

We'll change your idea of sales

You Will Learn How To

  • Identify needs.
  • Deal with objections.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Maximize performance.
  • Implement modern way of selling.